“The AP gives me mental freedom and inner peace. No longer trapped by all the thinking about my glucose levels.”

Anneke van Haren (43). Partner van Roberto en proud mother of daughter Yuna (6). Employment expert by profession.

Always doing your best

My formula for success in my life has always been: As long as you do the best you can, you will get there. It was like that in school, in my job and with all the things I wanted to achieve. If someone said you will not succeed, I proved them wrong. Pure perseverance always got me a long way. 

When I was 25 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. For a long time, I thought that my formula for success would also work for my diabetes. So, I tried everything to get a hold of it: Slow carbohydrate eating, low-carb eating, a pump, a sensor, injecting insulin, adjusting schedules, adjusting target values, more structure, working less, other activities, moving more, moving less, etc. But the more I tried my best … it got worse rather than better.

Mental freedom and inner peace

In the end, I just made the best of it and acceptance came. I tried as little as possible to be constrained by the diabetes. Yet it was always there, several times a day, those continually recurring questions when my sugar was too high or too low:

“Did I do something wrong? Did I calculate the carbs correctly? Would it not have been better if I injected the insulin after the meal, instead of before? Did I properly adjust my settings to the current conditions? Did I adequately consider walking, sports, dusting, or gardening?”

The daily mental struggle stopped when I started using the Inreda AP. That first lunch with the AP, without having to think about the best sugar strategy, was wonderful. The AP gives me mental freedom and inner peace. No more being trapped by all the thinking about my glucose levels. The Inreda AP takes over that part for me. It is like I have gained brain power. For me, that gives quality of life.


I have more energy because the daily hypos and hypers have disappeared.

I have enjoyed starting a new job in my area of expertise. Without the Inreda AP, I would never have dared to do it due to the irregularity and complexity of the work.

I can be a mother without worrying.

I can focus on what makes me and my loved ones happy.

These are results, that cannot be quantified, but they make me feel more mentally resilient and my future brighter. This is what I wish for everyone who struggles with glucose levels. I hope that the Inreda AP will become available to many more people.