We develop a bi-hormonal fully closed loop system our way:

Fully automatic

Our device regulates your glucose level completely automatically, without having to ask you to enter carbs values, calculating and injecting insulin etc. Non-stop days and nights, our device is sensing the amount of glucose in the blood and its trend. If something needs to be done, it can infuse either insulin to lower the blood glucose level, or infuse glucagon to rise it.


Yes, people. Not ‘patient-centered’. People. Real people enjoying a physical, emotional, culinary, -you name it-, daily life. This is the center point of anything we develop and we are fond of involving you in the development, in order to produce the most intuitive and accessible device.


We are professionals developing a high quality device that regulates 24/7 your blood sugar level. So everything we do is tested, tested, and re-tested so that it just becomes 100% reliable. When there is a choice to be made: we’ll always take the route that deliver the safest results.

Socially responsible

Be sure that we put all our knowledge and expertise (from design & engineering to business model) to get a high quality device for the most affordable price. We are for example looking into how the Inreda AP® will fit into the insurance models. We think it is our responsibility to develop a societally realistic solution.

Launch on the market

In addition to developing a device with which CE certification has been obtained and which we bring to the market in a controlled manner, we are also focusing on the development of subsequent versions of the artificial pancreas. Matters such as size, weight and general wearing comfort are very important here.