Do you want to join us on our mission to improve the life of people with diabetes and, along the way, help bring down the associated healthcare costs?

Inreda Diabetic is open for additional funding to support our mission. Elementary in our mission is developing new geographical markets for our revolutionary, and patented bi-hormonal system. People with diabetes deserve the best-in-class solution, which can be accelerated by additional funding.

Objective support for our mission:

  • Recently the Lancet has published this article on the effectiveness and impact of Inreda’s AP on the longer term.
  • In 2023, the Inreda cloud environment was nominated top five for the Innovation Challenge by the Dutch top clinical hospitals confirming that the system is a frontrunner in ‘remote care’.
  • The Dutch government is funding a study (ongoing) to test the long term impact on patient well-being compared to conventional treatment methods with a grant of 10 million euros. The study is being led by UMC Utrecht, with 240 diabetes patients being monitored over a two-year period by twelve hospitals. The outcome is expected to lead to reimbursement of the AP by the Dutch basic healthcare insurance.

Round up: