There are already more than 100 people using the AP. In videos they tell what the AP means to them in their daily lives and how they can participate in family and social life again.

Watch and listen to their story

 A bit of chopping wood, that is now possible again.

De Brabantse Erik is al heel lang geïnteresseerd in de kunstmatige alvleesklier van Inreda. Sinds enkele maanden gebruikt hij deze nieuwe behandelmethode voor zijn diabetes. De AP maakt het mogelijk dat hij zijn hobby weer kan uitoefenen.



 The nights I have now, that's really nice.

Jolanda from the Dutch region Twente has type 1 diabetes. She has an active life and would like to grow old with a healthy body. Sports is a big part of her life, but her family, their company and her own hair salon are also high on her list. You can hear and see how she organizes her life with the AP in this video.



  I feel fitter, I can work full days again.”

Diabetes made working life impossible for Andrea from the Dutch province Overijssel. Now that she wears the AP she can go back to work and in the evening she still has energy left for a walk. She is happy to tell you how the AP helps her on her way.


  You can always contact Inreda.”

Roel from the Dutch province Gelderland has a busy job and travels a lot. For relaxation, he has a horse with which he rides beautiful trips. The difference with the pump, he says, is that he now has fewer or no hypos. Here he tells how he is doing.


  You don't have to think about your diabetes anymore.

Edith, who lives in the Dutch city of Arnhem, was busy all day with pricking, measuring, eating and calculating. Now she feels more vitality and she can go out for a drink again. Listen and watch Edith's experiences with the AP here.