“Without the AP, these experiences were largely impossible”

Dyan (57, Inreda AP® user since November 2021) has travelled to visit her son in Peru. She challenged herself with a big physical challenge, climbing the Machu Picchu! Read more about her experience down below. 

An extraordinary journey

In December 2021 my son announced that he came to the idea to do an exchange semester on the other side of the world. He was filled with enthusiasm and was planning to call Lima home for a few months. At first, I was taken by surprise, but quickly my husband came up with the idea to visit him during this stay. Previously, we never would have made a trip like this, but now with the Inreda AP, the doors are opened to the Inca Empire. So, in May 2023 we got on a plane and started our beautiful trip. 

Carefree enjoyment

One of the highlights of the trip in Peru was the Inca Trail towards the Machu Picchu. The complete trial was 42 kilometres and a considerable challenge for any human body. To walk over the original infrastructure of the Incas, through the Andes Mountains, was the absolute highlight of the trip. Moreover, for someone like me who has diabetes, it is an experience of a lifetime which I am incredibly proud and grateful for. 

Without the AP I would never be able to do a hike like this, it would simply not be achievable. Of course, before the start of the trial I was quite nervous, but in hindsight, this was completely unnecessary. Together with my husband and a loaded backpack, we have accomplished the trial. 

On the second day, which is known as the toughest day, we reached the highest point of 4,200 meters at the “Dead Woman´s Pass’’. Luckily I could enjoy the breathtaking views without any concerns. 

Out of my comfort zone

The whole track did not go without any hitch. Every day I had a few alarms, such as glucagon occlusions, finger stick alarms and a low glucose alarms, but that was to be expected. My diabetes did not significantly burden me during the hike and I was able to participate just like anyone else. I dared myself with a physical challenge and still had good results from my diabetes regulation. I am enormously grateful for that.

Besides the hike to the Machu Picchu, there were a lot more memorable moments. We also climbed the Rainbow Mountain, did a helicopter flight over the lines of Nazca and made an adventurous trip to the Huacachina, a village hidden behind the enormous dunes. 

Without the Inreda AP these adventures would in most cases not be possible, otherwise I would be dealing with numerous and prolonged hypoglycaemia. Altogether, this trip reflects the possibilities that I now have with the Inreda AP. My physical barriers are gone and I can step out of my comfort zone easily