The first results of a long-term study will be presented at EASD 2023

This coming October, Inreda® Diabetic will be present at EASD 2023 in Hamburg. At this exhibition, we will make our debut with our own stand and will represent our company to spread word about the Inreda AP®. Thereby, the results of a first long-term study with the Inreda AP® will be presented!

But, what is the EASD?
EASD stands for European Association for the Study of Diabetes. In other words, the EASD is a European organisation that encourages and supports diabetes research. This includes an annual congress where various companies exhibit different solutions and drugs, as well as presentations on results of studies or real-time data. The congress is one of the largest diabetes related events in the world and is attended by more than 11,000 visitors. It is mainly attended by doctors, nurses, researchers and people from industry related to diabetes. This year it will be hosted in Hamburg from 2 – 6 October.

Presentation of our first results

Last year, a group of our Inreda AP®-users participated in a study by eight different hospitals. This study focused on providing insights into the effects on long-term use of a bi-hormonal fully closed loop system. To make these effects insightful the Inreda AP® was used. The results will be presented for the by one of the researchers, namely Dr. van Bon from Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem. This is a moment we have long been waiting for, as we show the rest of the world what can be achieved with a bi-hormonal closed loop system!