Start Inreda AP in project with Dutch insurer Menzis

6 Oktober 2020 – Inreda is starting a project with Dutch health insurance company Menzis: the Inreda AP will be used by 100 adults with diabetes type 1.

The project starts in October and concerns patients who experience substantial problems with controlling their regulation. The Inreda AP® itself regulates continuously the blood sugar levels by measuring 24/7 the blood sugar values. Unique feature is that not only insulin is administered but also glucagon. It is expected that using both hormones will lead to more balance in the blood glucose values of people with diabetes, that their diabetes treatment and their health will improve and that they will experience more freedom.

As a patient with diabetes type 1, Robin Koops searched for a solution that would lower the limit of the fluctuations of the glucose values. He invented the Inreda AP. With the support of the Dutch Diabetes Foundation (Diabetes Fonds) he was able to continue the development of this device.

Inreda, who obtained the CE certification in February this year, now starts a project in cooperation with Dutch Health Insurer Menzis and five hospitals in the Netherlands. The aim of the project is to see how the Inreda AP performs when used by 100 adults. Internists and diabetes nurses in these hospitals select patients who meet the criteria and who are insured by Menzis. The project starts in October. Robin Koops, inventor of the Inreda AP®, is happy about this cooperation: “When the Inreda AP has shown that it also functions adequately when used by a large group of patients, the system can be used on a larger scale. That is what it is all about: to make a dream come true, for a lot of people. To improve our lives and to get our freedom back. This is almost reality now!”