Newsletter edition nr.4 – December 2021

21 december 2021 – A day in the life of…

Dear reader,

Welcome to the fourth and last newsletter of 2021.

In these dark days just before Christmas, we had thought to present the Newsletter in a different way. In the past year, several groups of people have been able to start with an AP® treatment and some of them have already spoken or been in the picture. For which we thank you again. We love to see and hear how our clients are doing.

Now we thought it would be a good idea to give a few people the floor themselves and get a glimpse into their lives with the AP®. We found two clients who were immediately excited to write a kind of blog about a day in their lives.

In addition, we as a company have also grown strongly in 2021; the number of employees has increased from approximately 40 to 60. We would like to have our “new” employees tell you how they experience working at Inreda® and what they are involved in. Two Inreda® employees who have been with us for a relatively short period of time describe a day in their lives.

We wish you a lot of reading pleasure, and of course

Team Inreda

A day in the life of
Katja Winkel-Buitink – AP since October 2021

My family

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Katja Winkel-Buitink. Married to the sweetest man in the world and together we are the proud parents of three beautiful and healthy children.

Flu became diabetes

I got the flu in my childhood and had type 1 diabetes mellitus. I walk a lot and enjoy doing things together with my sisters and friends. I also enjoy swimming or spending a day relaxing with my husband in a spa. My diabetes often hindered me in my activities and I was often tired because of the fluctuating glucose levels.

More health benefits

I am recently a user of the artificial pancreas of Inreda Diabetic developed by Robin Koops. And of course I will continue to have my type 1 diabetes, but I am very well set now. I notice more health benefits and my quality of life has improved 100% as a result.

Wish for diabetes patients

It never ceases to amaze me every day that my glucose levels are so incredibly good. I hope that in the future an AP from Inreda will be available for all diabetes patients.

A day in the life of
Raymond Julien – AP since October 2021

The day begins

In my work it is not possible to work from home. I am Parts Manager at Vallei Auto Groep in the Nijmegen location. Because I live in Arnhem, I go to Nijmegen and back every weekday.

I get up around 6:30 am and then go downstairs to take my meds. Without AP, this was also the first time to measure my blood sugar. Every morning I take a shower to wake up nicely. Unfortunately you can’t shower with the AP so I have to turn off the control of the AP, disconnect the infusion sets and put the AP in a safe place. The edge of the bath is not a convenient place because the AP can vibrate off the edge of the bath in the event of an alarm. When getting dressed I use a washcloth that I can hang around my neck so that I can easily connect and switch on the AP again. Do not forget to switch it on, because otherwise I will receive a signal during my car journey that it is still switched off. Oh, it happens to you a few times.

AP® does its job

During the ride to Nijmegen I eat a nice sandwich without thinking how much I might have to bolus. The AP is doing its job. Usually I am at work between 7:30 and 7:45 so that I can start up quietly while enjoying a cup of coffee. A snack around 10:00 am. Here too, the AP does its job again.

Don’t think

My work is fairly varied, sitting behind the screen a lot to do purchases, but also regularly ‘running work’ through the warehouse and the company to talk to colleagues. I am not a man of the clock regarding lunch. Sometimes around 12:15 pm, but it can also be an hour later. Here too it is again ‘don’t think’ and just go and eat. Trust the system. I usually get a message somewhere in the afternoon that I have to perform a finger prick.

An ordinary evening at home

Around 17:30 I leave Nijmegen for Arnhem again and then join my wife and son for dinner. Replace the GlucaGen after dinner or, if I don’t feel like it right away, an hour later. Unfortunately, this is still a daily recurring ritual. Depending on the evening, I’ll go watch a movie or enjoy myself behind the laptop. Around 11:30 pm I go to bed and the AP disappears into the handy Inreda nightshirt. Tomorrow I’ll think ‘I’m going to bed on time tonight’.

A day in the life of
Lyke Taken – Product Designer

Fashion and Textile Technologies

Hi! My name is Lyke Taken and I have been working at Inreda Diabetic as a product designer since last summer, after graduating from this great company. I studied Fashion and Textile Technologies, so you can say that in terms of study background I am a bit of an odd one out at Inreda. Yet since my graduation period I feel completely at home in Goor and I now have a varied job here.

Portability AP®

I have been working on the portability of the AP for women during my graduation. By looking at the needs of the women and arriving at a design from there, I have developed a wearable. This turned out to be usable for both women and men and everything has recently been prepared so that it can be taken into production shortly.


Since I started working here, I have therefore mainly focused on the portability of the device, with the first project producing the above-mentioned wearable that I designed during my graduation. 

During a working day, for example, I am busy designing, consulting with suppliers and checking incoming samples. Research and data processing of user-friendliness are also part of my tasks.

Clients are central

In addition, I am involved one or two days a week with customer service and field service, as we call it here. I think the customer service activities speak for themselves, but I can imagine that field service needs some explanation.

When I have field service I go to clients to, for example, adjust settings or change a transmitter. This makes my work as a designer easier, because it gives me a good idea of the people I work for. In this way, needs can also be better translated into wearables and this naturally fits in completely with Inreda’s vision, where the people are central. The various tasks make my work diverse, challenging and meaningful.

A day in the life of
Jan Goedhart – Logistic Specialist

Special product

Hello dear people, I have been asked to give an impression of an average working day of myself as a Logistics Specialist. My name is Jan Goedhart and I am a Logistics Specialist at Inreda Diabetic. It has been a pleasure to work for this wonderful company with a special product for a year now. How would that start… 😊

Coffee first

In any case, I start the day by turning on my laptop and checking if there is e-mail that I have to deal with. Then I grab a cup of coffee at my leisure and do my first things.

Managing AP parts

This can vary from IQC = Incoming Quality Control (inspecting newly arrived materials) to booking and placing various parts in stock.


In between I may be asked if I can help someone with the distribution of disposables for PTs (patients). For this I use our ERP system Odoo. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. Simply put, a program that makes it relatively easy to set up a schedule for your production, purchasing and sales. Occasionally I collect materials needed to produce the AP’s and transmitters.

Stock packages for clients

Due to the diversity of tasks it is never boring, there are always things for me to do. In this way I also keep track of the stock levels of the aids that are necessary to be able to send to each of our patients every 4 weeks. I also prepare the packages and send them, so that every patient can continue his treatment without worries.

For and by people

It’s really nice for me, because I like dealing with people. And I hope this feeling will continue for a long time to come.