Marathon of Enschede with the Inreda AP®

May, 2 2023 – May, 2 2023 – Frank ran the Marathon of Enschede on April 16th, a real achievement. To prepare himself he also ran a half-marathon. He would like to share his experiences about running a marathon with an Inreda AP®!

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Last Sunday the day was finally here, it was time to run my first marathon, the Marathon of Enschede. It was good weather, I had the perfect training and preparation, and there were lots of enthusiastic supporters. It was time to the start at the Marathon of Enschede.

Apart from the fact that it is quite a task to complete a marathon of 42 kilometres, the duration of the exercise has always kept me from taking on the challenge. When I participate in a running event, I want to be able to concentrate 100% on the task and not being busy with regulating my glucose levels.

Previously I labelled the 3.5 to 4 hours when you run a marathon as ‘’too long to not be concerned about my diabetes’’. Thanks to the Inreda AP® I can run a marathon? No, the Inreda AP® does not make you run a marathon, but it did encourage me to push my limits and take on new challenges.

The AP gave me the confidence that I do not have to be constantly busy with my diabetes, it is now possible to concentrate on my sports for a longer period of time . During the many endurance training sessions I noticed how well you can rely on the Inreda AP. Often with endurance training you are on the road for more than three hours and the intensity level varies from time to time, as well as eating along the way. In those moments, I really trust the Inreda AP.

Challenge conquered?

To experience the preparation and eating during a marathon, I ran the half-marathon in April. It went perfectly and I am very happy with the result, I finished just under 1.5 hours. Two weeks later the Marathon of Enschede was scheduled. The first 32 kilometres went more easily than expected and faster than intended. But, the last 10 kilometres were tough. In the end I finished in 3:30:34. I am very satisfied with the result, but even more motivated to improve this result.

At the finish line of the half-marathon, they took a picture of me. With the time of 1:29:05 I crossed the finish line. You will probably say “it looks rough”. True, if it doesn’t feel difficult you also haven’t performed to the maximum.

A photo was also taken during the Marathon of Enschede (see header), this time during the 16km run-through. It was a real high-five moment!