Insta Live with Robin Koops

4 february 2022 – “What started as a  hobby in his own garage, has resulted in a company with 60 employees and many people with type 1 diabetes who want to use his artificial pancreas.”

Loes Heijmans of Diabetes+  has talked to Robin Koops in an Insta Live. In the broadcast of January 31, Robin tells about how it all started, what phase Inreda® is in now, why the test results of the AP® move him and when the first children can start testing with this system. You can hear clearly in this interview that his heart and soul is in this company.

A few years ago, on March 27, 2018, Loes first came into contact with Robin and visited Inreda® Diabetic. She then got a look behind our doors and broadcasted an episode for the YouTube channel Diabetes Nieuws about the latest technical developments in the field of diabetes.

Diabetes+ is committed to a better quality of life for people with type 1 diabetes and all the shells around it; whether you are a partner, parent, child, boyfriend, girlfriend, sports buddy, therapist or employer of someone with type 1. Whether you are or will come into contact with it. Getting the best out of it, that’s their mission.