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What is the AP ®

The artificial pancreas (AP)

Inreda Diabetic BV is developing an artificial pancreas called AP. The device is intended for people with diabetes who are treated with insulin, for use at home. The AP is an automatic system (closed loop) and independently regulates the blood glucose level by administering insulin and glucagon. This eliminates the need to administer insulin or count carbohydrates yourself. Many self-management tasks will therefore disappear.

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How the AP works

The purpose of the AP is to ensure that your blood glucose level remains as stable as possible. To continuously measure your blood glucose, the AP uses two sensors. Each sensor has a transmitter, which wirelessly transmits these measurements to the device. The AP uses the measured blood glucose value to determine when and how much insulin (reduce high blood sugar) or glucagon (raise low blood sugar) should be administered. You do not have to indicate whether you are going to exercise or eat. Insulin or glucagon is delivered automatically via two infusion sets.


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How do I wear the AP ®

Wearing the AP
The AP is worn on the front of the body. The sensors and transmitters are usually placed on the abdomen. The AP is always worn on the same side as the sensors and transmitters. This keeps the transmitters connected to the AP. The infusion sets can be worn in several places on the body. The puncture site of the sensors with transmitters and of the infusion sets depends on your preference and what works best for you.


You wear the device on you day and night, 24/7. You can use accessories that Inreda develops: a hip bag, a special shirt and a belt bag.

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What should I do myself

How do I know what to do myself

If you have to perform an action yourself, the AP will give an alarm. For example, for installing new sensors and changing an infusion set. In order for the AP to properly control your blood glucose, it is important that you follow the alarms as instructed on the AP.

How often do I have to do something myself

In this overview you can see the actions that you have to perform yourself during the AP treatment, and how often you have to perform them. This is a guideline, when and how often you should change an item can vary from person to person.

How do I use the AP

We have a comprehensive user manual with all the information to get you started with the AP and to support you during your AP treatment. Here you will find the instructions for the correct use of the AP.

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