Participating hospitals

Inreda® Diabetic has started a first project in the market: 100 adult people with diabetes type 1 are going to use the AP®.

This is a list of participating hospitals in The Netherlands:

If you are a Dutch resident and your hospital is mentioned in this list, please discuss your interest for participation with your doctor.

If you are a Dutch resident, but you are not treated in one of the above-mentioned hospitals, please go to the page Frequently Asked Questions and read more. Here you will find answers to a lot of questions about the availability of the AP® and about participating in one of our projects. Do you have more questions on this topic? Please contact us.

If you are not a Dutch resident, please wait until we will launch on the market of your country.

Finally, we are talking with several other hospitals in The Netherlands with which we expect to start cooperations on a regular basis. We will keep you up-to-date on this page.